The Cars That Sub-Prime Borrowers Are Buying

Dodge AvengersQuick question: what cars are sub-prime borrowers buying? The answer may be surprising. wanted to know this very answer. Rather than following my example and randomly asking the internet, they put together data between October 2012 and March 2013. What the conclusion they found in that window of time was that the people who make their auto purchase as sub-prime borrowers are buying completely different cars than those in the top-selling slots.

The top three selling midsized sedans in the US is the Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, and the Nissan Altima. These three didn’t even break the top ten for sub-prime. So what was on the list then?

Topping it was the Dodge Avenger followed by the Kia Forte and Kia Optima in second and third respectfully. It’s clear from looking at the full list of the top ten that people suffering from credit issues and other financial complications are looking for small or midsized sedans. At least in the new category they are.

Used tells a different story. The top seller in that time period was the Ram 1500. The Dodge Charger came in at the fourth slot. A wide range of vehicles are on the list, but trucks were more numerous than on the new list.

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Sub-Prime Loans are Easier to Obtain Now Than Before

If you’re having a problem with credit but are finding yourself needing to get yourself a new or pre-owned vehicle, there’s some good news.

The Ledger has posted news that financing companies are welcoming customers from across the board and this includes those that have poor credit. The average credit score of people buying cars, either new or used, has come back to where it was before the collapse of 2008. The cherry on top of that is that the experts looking at the numbers don’t see this changing anytime soon. The interest rates that the banks need for lending are extremely low and don’t show signs of going up.

What is also helping is that consumers are finally lowering their debts. This makes sub-prime loans a much less risky with someone no longer getting behind on their payments due to the bills stacking up. The example given is that only 0.57 percent of auto loans were 60 days in delinquency in the first quarter of the year.

This positive news is good not only for the buyer, but also for the industry. With the increase of sub-prime loans, car makers are expecting to sell much more of their product this year, easily beating a 30-year low they experienced in 2009. Analysts are seeing this growth rate in buying is both healthy and sustainable. Consumers are just making much better decisions with their finances.

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