Get an Auto Loan, Even With Bad Credit


For anyone struggling with bad credit, getting an auto loan can be a hassle. We here at Bayside Chrysler Jeep Dodge want to do everything we can do to help you in the process of achieving the goal of getting an auto loan even though you have poor credit. Here’s a few pieces of advice that can benefit you.

First, and foremost, is to check that credit score. There are numerous resources available to people letting them know what their score is. This is a vital number. It is the difference between you walking away with a great deal on a loan and a car and not. Know that score before coming to the dealership.

Now that you know that score, now make sure it is accurate. It is a hassle, but one that I assure you pays off in ways you never knew of. Look at anything that is negatively impacting your score and if it doesn’t belong on the list, then get it removed. Piece of wrongful reporting that is being attributed to you negatively can drag down your score and in the process drag down what you can get in an auto loan.

When it comes to keeping the score down, look to your overdue bills. Now, paying them in full is good, but as long as you can demonstrate to the bureaus that you are paying off bills and debt in regular fashion, that can lead to a positive reflection on the score. They are not just looking for if you paid off debt, but if you are dependable in paying off debt. So while you may still have overdue debt, as long as you have a plan in action, which can still help.

There is plenty of more ways you can help yourself, but these are good ones for beginning. Keep checking back for more advice.

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Bad Credit Auto Loan Advice


If you have a low credit score, getting an auto loan for a used car can be difficult.  It seems impossible to get an affordable rate and terms.  What people don’t know is that they can improve their chances at landing a better rate by working for it.  Here’s some steps to follow to achieve just that:

  1. Evaluate your personal finances and ask yourself how much money you have to spend.  This leads into figuring out what kind of car you are going to be looking for.  Are you better off sticking with a used vehicle or can you afford to get something new?  Do you have money for repairs?  This is incredibly important to know.
  2. Do some research before going in to buy.  Take a look at a dealerships website and see the costs associated with different levels of vehicles.  Know how reliable they are so you can have preparation for knowing how much repairs cost may be. Know the in’s and out’s and get some idea of what you’re in the range to buy.
  3. Have a down payment.  If you have a down payment, use it.  Any amount that you can put towards the purchase of a vehicle on the spot is going to help.  It might seems small, but this can be a major difference depending on the amount of money you can put down.
  4. Try to get a shorter loan length.  This may lead to a higher monthly rate, but if you can afford it, it’ll be cheaper in the long run.  The shorter the length, the less interest has built up and the better off you’ll be.  So if you can afford it, best to keep it as short as possible.

If you’re looking to talk to someone about an auto loan, but have bad credit, contact us at Bayside Chrysler Jeep Dodge.  We’ll work with you to find the right new or used vehicle to suit your needs.  We love to say yes, you’re approved!   Be sure to like Bayside on Facebook, following on Twitter, or subscribing on YouTube.

Tax Liens: How Unpaid Taxes Will Hurt Your Credit Score

ID-10034355The deadline for filing 2013 Federal Tax returns is April 15, only a few days away, and while some people have already made plans for how they will spend their tax refund, others have yet to file their return or are still making payments.

Most advice for improving or maintaining a good credit score tends to focus on credit cards, auto loans, and mortgages, but a tax lien can hurt a credit score significantly. The IRS will report non-payment of taxes to the credit bureaus, and tax liens are listed on credit reports under public records.

Tax liens can drop a credit score by 100 points or more depending upon the amount owed and the number of tax liens listed on the report. Someone who hasn’t paid their taxes in several years will have their payments owed listed separately for each year, and it reflects poorly on the consumer if they apply for a loan, a credit card, or another form of credit.

How can you avoid a tax lien? First, work out an installment plan with the IRS and file for an extension if need be. They will look over your finances and determine how much you can afford to pay. Second, stick to your payment plan. Do not miss a payment. If something changes in your financial situation and you think you will miss a payment, contact the IRS immediately. By missing a payment, you are violating the goodwill extended by the IRS in working out a payment plan, and you will have more worries than a damaged credit score.

Do you have poor credit or no credit? Obtaining an auto loan can be tough, but it is achievable. Contact a sales person at Bayside Chrysler Jeep Dodge and find a time to come in so we can work with you to find the proper loan. We’ll get you driving away in the new or pre-owned vehicle best suited for your lifestyle. Be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and subscribe to us on YouTube to see our monthly specials.

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