Japanese car company Subaru is the automotive division of Fuji Heavy Industries.  Subaru of America was founded in 1968 with hundreds of Subarus imported in the first year. Their early campaigns included “A Star Is Born,” “Rookie of the Year,” and the subversive and bold “Cheap and Ugly does it.”

Since those early days, Subaru has come a long way, and while they have stayed cheap, they are far from “ugly.” They have made all-wheel-drive standard in mid-size and compact cars, and in 2012 alone, they garnered awards from Consumer Reports, U.S. News and World Reports, and Edmunds. The cars are loved for their practicality and low price, and they appeal to everyone from families who want more bang for their buck to youth drivers who appreciate the company’s green initiatives. Subaru is also the auto company to watch for cars of the future. They are at the forefront of electric car testing and technology in keeping with their environmental consciousness.

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