Dodge began with two brothers, Horace and John Dodge. Founded in Detroit in the 1900, the Dodge brand started by making engines and chassis parts for the city’s overwhelming number of automobile firms. One of these firms just so happened to be the Ford Motor Company. It would take some time, but eventually, Dodge wanted to get out of the parts business and into making full vehicles themselves, stating that they were, “tired of being carried around in Henry Ford’s vest pocket.” 1914 saw the company create the Dodge Model 30, a new four-cylinder vehicle that was being marketed as the upscale competition to the Ford Model T. The Dodge 4 was also notoriously used during WW1 as ambulances and staff cars. In 1928, the Dodge brand was sold to Chrysler. Since then, it has become one of the most known brands on the market. Finally rebounding after the economic downfall, Dodge is looking to make another big splash with the upcoming re-release of their popular Dodge Dart.

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