Help for Getting an Auto-Loan While on Disability

ID-10091618There are already enough hardships on people with bad credit looking to get an auto loan.  It’s even harder if you’re on benefits.

Why is that?  Well it’s because Social Security disability income cannot be garnished.

What does that mean exactly?  If you’re on disability income and should your vehicle get repossessed, then the lender is unable to garnish that income to pay off outstanding loan balances.  The lenders keep this very much in mind when someone on SSI disability wants to apply for an auto loan.

That isn’t the end for applicants on SSI disability, however.  High-risk lenders will still take you into consideration under the right conditions.

One example is if you’re able to prove income that can be garnished.  If you have another job and can prove income through a W-2 that helps a great deal.  The length of time you’ve been with the job can make a difference as well.

Something else to consider before applying helping your chances is to take a look at your residency.  If you’re able to prove long-term residence stability, it can help.  You also will want to look into showing your credit problems to be situational rather than habitual.  The difference is that situational will be a credit problem as a result of a single problem, such as a medical issue, while habitual is a history of being behind in payment to multiple lenders.

Getting an auto-loan when on disability is tricky.  It’s important, more-so than with most borrowers, to know how the system can be influenced in your favor.  Thankfully, it is possible with leg-work and proper knowledge.

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Source: Auto Credit Express

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