Start Doing These Good Credit Habits

We talk so much about what to do when you have bad credit, we don’t spend any time on what to do once you’ve achieved good credit.  You’ve fought your way back, your credit rating is on the up.  What do you do to either maintain it?  Here is some behaviors to keep in mind to keep that credit rating good.

  • Know Your Credit Score:

Yes, even with good credit, this is still important.  Don’t risk sliding back into bad behaviors, you can keep yourself in good standing by making certain that your credit report remains clear and good of any false reporting.  Errors happen, and you should get on top of it asap so it doesn’t have a negative impact.

  • Keep the Credit Card Companies Happy:

This is a two-parter.  First up, a method of doing this is by sticking to a ratio of 30 percent of your credit allotment.  Every month, make it a habit of only using your credit card(s) till the 30 percent mark and then back off.  People who consistently go over this part tend to get the credit card companies nervous.

Second, make sure that you use your credit card.  This may seem like talking out of both sides of the mouth, but the key word in this is to use the credit card and maintain it without going over 30 percent.  Being consistent with that ratio and paying it off every month will keep the credit card companies happy.

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How Purchasing a New Car Can Improve Credit

Looking to get a vehicle for yourself but are also suffering from having bad credit at the same time?  What you might not know is that having credit issues and purchasing that very car can actually go a long way in helping you improve your score.

Auto Credit Express breaks down the how this can help.  Lenders are looking to get people through the dealership doors even if they have low FICO scores.  Just because your credit is bad now doesn’t mean that it was in the past.  If they can see that changes in your score occurred due to major life events, such as losing your job or experiencing a medical problem, then the odds are more in your favor of getting a good loan.

Before you do head into the dealership, however, there are things to keep in mind.  First, that loan you’re getting after a dip in the FICO score will be at a higher rate than many consumers are used to.  You’ll also want to make sure to make each payment on time, as well as other bills you have, so that you can qualify for a better rate the next time around.  If you miss a payment on time, then it will take your credit score even lower down.

The point of purchasing a car in this case is to improve your credit while getting the vehicle you need.  The best tips to do this are to make sure that you look for an inexpensive car, small or midsized.  See if you can choose a loan term of 48 months or less.  Make sure you check on the history of the vehicle.  By following these steps, you place your self in a position to save money by trading out in 18 to 30 months for a better deal.  Also, knowing that history makes sure you avoid thousands of dollars in repair bills.

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Beat Bad Credit By Planning Ahead


Are you in the market for a new or used vehicle?  Do you have bad credit?  Don’t think you’re that alone.  You would be surprised by just how many individuals out there are looking for a new or used car and also have bad credit.  Just because you have bad credit doesn’t mean that it’s all over for you however, a mindset that seemingly too many have.  Here is some advice on how to handle car shopping when you have bad credit.

Rule number one is always understand your credit.  This means knowing your credit score.  Before shopping, no matter what you think your credit score is, know it.  Do you think you have bad credit or do you know you have bad credit.  It is important to understand this difference and to know which one you really have.  Knowing that makes all the difference in how you begin to plan the shopping process.

An advantage of knowing your credit score is going in shopping prepared.  You can evaluate your finances and see how much you’re able to afford for a down payment to see if you can increase your chances of getting an auto loan approved.  That down payment can also go a long away in helping you get a better interest rate as well.  It may be a larger sum of money up front, but that can help in the long term much more than taking a longer rate.

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