How Purchasing a New Car Can Improve Credit

Looking to get a vehicle for yourself but are also suffering from having bad credit at the same time?  What you might not know is that having credit issues and purchasing that very car can actually go a long way in helping you improve your score.

Auto Credit Express breaks down the how this can help.  Lenders are looking to get people through the dealership doors even if they have low FICO scores.  Just because your credit is bad now doesn’t mean that it was in the past.  If they can see that changes in your score occurred due to major life events, such as losing your job or experiencing a medical problem, then the odds are more in your favor of getting a good loan.

Before you do head into the dealership, however, there are things to keep in mind.  First, that loan you’re getting after a dip in the FICO score will be at a higher rate than many consumers are used to.  You’ll also want to make sure to make each payment on time, as well as other bills you have, so that you can qualify for a better rate the next time around.  If you miss a payment on time, then it will take your credit score even lower down.

The point of purchasing a car in this case is to improve your credit while getting the vehicle you need.  The best tips to do this are to make sure that you look for an inexpensive car, small or midsized.  See if you can choose a loan term of 48 months or less.  Make sure you check on the history of the vehicle.  By following these steps, you place your self in a position to save money by trading out in 18 to 30 months for a better deal.  Also, knowing that history makes sure you avoid thousands of dollars in repair bills.

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Memorial Day Auto Buying Advice

Memorial Day 2014 - Header

Memorial Day is seen by many as the real start of the summer. The warmer, rainier weather is here and it is the beginning of many planned trips and vacations. It is also when many dealerships offer many great deals on their vehicles. That makes it an excellent time to think about getting into a dealership and driving off with that needed vehicle. However, Auto Credit Express is offering some advice on how to make the most on the savings during Memorial Day.

One such piece of advice is knowing what you can afford. Having a firm understanding of one’s finances is what can lead to the best possible outcome when purchasing a vehicle. It will allow you to narrow your search on which cars are within your budget. It also helps to know what you can spend each month on a vehicle. This goes hand-in-hand with being realistic about what you can get. We all dream of driving that brand-new Viper, but not all of us can manage that. For now, know what you can afford.

A big way to make the purchasing of a vehicle easier is to have a down-payment or a trade-in. A down-payment is capable of greatly reducing the monthly payments for a vehicle. The more that you can put down, the better off you will be.

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How an Auto Loan Can Help After a Bankruptcy

ID-100142021Bankruptcy is an ugly thing.  Just the word alone makes people shutter.  Even in this economy, as that word gets flung around left and right, people still have a lot of misunderstandings concerning it.  One of those places where people have confusion about it is when it comes to acquiring an auto loan even after having a bankruptcy occur.

Auto Credit Express shows how bankruptcy can affect an application for an auto loan. When the two common types of bankruptcy, a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13, are completed, it ends with either a discharge or dismissed.

Having the bankruptcy dismissed is what leads to problems.  This is common during a Chapter 13.  Dismissal means that the court-ordered payment schedule wasn’t met.  You missed a payment and this will lead to a lender or any kind of loan, auto-loan included, being denied.

On the other hand, a discharge on the bankruptcy means that it was completed successfully.  This is what allows a person to properly start reestablishing credit afterwards.

Now that you’ve entered the healing portion of the process, a good question is what to do afterwards.  The most obvious answer is to start mending your credit.  A great way of doing is by looking for different types of credit, such as an auto loan.  This is a form of installment credit that can go a long way in aiding you get back on the right track.

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