What to Consider Before an Auto Lease

ID-100107576The San Francisco Gate recently authored an article indicating the best tips to follow to get the best out of an auto list.

Leasing has been increasing as the market has returned, according to Experian.  The first three months of this year saw a rise to people leasing out their new vehicle.  Leasing a vehicle certainly has its upsides.  If that’s the route a buyer decides to take, there are the tips that are recommend to use so that you wind up with the best possible deal.

First off is understanding just what the difference is between leasing and buying.  Leasing means that you geta car for a fixed period of time.  The payment you make is put “towards paying for the depreciation in the vehicle, not the ownership.”

There are some benefits by going this way in getting your vehicle.  The monthly payment will usually be lesser than the amount if you have to borrow to afford the car.  Also, having a shorter commitment enables you to drive away in a newer car after just a couple of years.  It’s really aimed to benefit people looking at a short-term financial situation.

The next tip is not to forget to haggle.  Talking a price down is typically stereotyped over the price of a car.  You can do that with leasing as well.  Know the sticker price of the car you’re interested in and talk down the price on the vehicle before applying the lease terms.

Make sure you’re realistic about mileage.  Leasing sets limits on how many miles you can have on the car.  Breaking that limit can have a big impact on the amount of money you owe, since then you’ll be charged per-mile.  Understand how much you drive before leasing.

Avoid leases that are longer than three years.  The majority of leases are between two and three years.  A dealership can offer longer leases, but the longer you have a vehicle, the more likely you are to have to pay for costly repairs.

Think twice about buying your leased vehicle.  When the lease is over, you have the option to buy the vehicle.  According to the writer of the article, it’s best to get an estimate on the value of the vehicle when the lease is coming to end to best decide if it’s right to buy.

Check out the full article for more details on each of the tips.  It definitely provides some food for thought for those looking to lease a vehicle rather than out-right buy.

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