Auto Insurance Advice


One of the most important things to keep in mind when buying a new car is the auto insurance.  It is something that tends to get pushed to the side while thinking of the bigger picture of buying the car.  Here is some important things that you should know about car insurance.

The first is that your credit has an impact on your rates.  Credit score is always important, it is one of the biggest factors any buyer should be aware of before they go to purchase a vehicle.  In regards to insurance, your credit is used to assess risk in things such as likeliness to file claims.  It’s impossible to really know beforehand what will and will not be used from your credit score to cause a change in the rate.  For that reason, it is important to have your credit score cleaned up and be the best reflection of your current status.

Be careful if you switch auto insurance companies.  If you only place a stop payment in order to get the policy canceled, you’re likely to have the insurance company report you for non-payment to the credit bureaus.  If this happens, it may cause your rate to go up when it impacts your credit score.  Talk to your insurance company, make sure all the paperwork for cancelling is properly filled out and that you have your new policy ready to start as soon as the old one ends.

Lastly, paying your auto insurance premium in full can help to save money in the long run.  Like with down payments on cars, the more you can pay up front, the better it will be for you in the future.  By doing this, you can avoid the potential to miss or be late with a payment, but you can also not worry about additional expenses that come with breaking up payments over a series of months and years.  Just be sure you can afford it.  If you can, it is certainly worth budgeting for.
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Advice for Getting an Auto Loan with Bad Credit


For anyone struggling with bad credit, getting an auto loan can be a hassle. We here at Bayside Chrysler Jeep Dodge want to do everything we can do to help you in the process of achieving the goal of getting an auto loan even though you have poor credit. Here’s a few pieces of advice that can benefit you.

First, and foremost, is to check that credit score. There are numerous resources available to people letting them know what their score is. This is a vital number. It is the difference between you walking away with a great deal on a loan and a car and not. Know that score before coming to the dealership.

Now that you know that score, now make sure it is accurate. It is a hassle, but one that I assure you pays off in ways you never knew of. Look at anything that is negatively impacting your score and if it doesn’t belong on the list, then get it removed. Piece of wrongful reporting that is being attributed to you negatively can drag down your score and in the process drag down what you can get in an auto loan.

When it comes to keeping the score down, look to your overdue bills. Now, paying them in full is good, but as long as you can demonstrate to the bureaus that you are paying off bills and debt in regular fashion, that can lead to a positive reflection on the score. They are not just looking for if you paid off debt, but if you are dependable in paying off debt. So while you may still have overdue debt, as long as you have a plan in action, which can still help.

There is plenty of more ways you can help yourself, but these are good ones for beginning. Keep checking back for more advice.

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Why a Shorter Loan Term is Better


A dilemma that comes over any buyer is the idea of how long they should pay off an auto loan.  A longer loan can lead to smaller payments made off a longer time, making it less stressful on a slim budget.  On the flip side, a shorter loan period is harder on a monthly budget, but can free up a great deal of funds in a shorter amount of time by having the car fully paid off.

Edmunds looked at their data and saw that the average car loan term is about 5 and a half years now.  Some are even in excess of 7 years!  The reason many consumers are choosing a deal like this is because of how much money they can afford a month.  Even though a deal like that might be tempting, it is best to try and get a shorter car loan term.

A reason for this is because of interest rates.  Basically, the longer the payment, the more interest being paid.  Even though the monthly payment one is making a month on a shorter term may look cheaper, it is actually more money due to the adding up of the interest rate by the time the loan is finished.  You’d be very surprised to see just how much money that can be.

Another reason why such a longer term is a bad idea is because of the life of the vehicle.  These days, newer cars are seemingly announced every month.  There is a point in a car’s life where a driver wants to get a better deal on a newer car.  Those who opt for the shorter term can find themselves able to get into a newer vehicle while the longer term people are stuck.

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