President’s Day 2017 Sales Event

The President’s Day 2017 Sales Event has been extended until Feb 28th!  That leaves more time for these amazing savings offers!  Over 221 used cars will be on sale with some for as low as $99 a month on select vehicles.  Other amazing deals include:

2012 Nissan Murano: $59 Down, $194 Low Monthly Payment!

2012 Nissan Altima: $59 Down, $209 Low Monthly Payment!

2013 Dodge Charger: $59 Down, $211 Low Monthly Payment!

2015 Dodge Journey: $59 Down, $241 Low Monthly Payment!

And more!!

Contact the dealership to learn more, including details and restrictions on each o

Auto Insurance Myths


Have you ever heard that red cars cost more to insure? There is a lot of these kinds of myths that somehow make their way long enough to become institutionalized. The answer to that first question, as it obviously is, is that it is not true at all. The question, however, if the color of your car affects your insurance is an interesting one, one that takes a look at.

Insurance is affected by many things, but your choice of color is not one of them. Most of the time, the insurance company won’t be aware of the color. It is pretty low on the things they care about.

Another reason that people fear the color red leads to higher cost is because it’s a beacon of being pulled over. Cops obviously pull over more cars that are painted red, it is a surefire sign that says “I’m speeding, come and give me a ticket.” This is something that 46 percent of 2,000 drivers believe according to a recent survey. They believe that because red cars get pulled over more often, then their insurance is more expensive.

This is simply not true. Even if red was getting pulled over more, the insurance rate being raised isn’t affected by color, but by the frequency of that model being pulled over. Tickets affect the rates of the drivers the most. There is no data that shows that red is the most pulled over color of vehicles. It isn’t even the most stolen. If you’re worried that red makes you a more likely target for car thieves, think again. The top color is silver.

The real lesson to learn from all this is to choose the color you like the most. Don’t worry about an urban myth, if you want that red Dodge Charger, then treat yourself.

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