December Used Sales Soar


Edmunds is predicting that December of 2015 will be the fourth best-selling month on record.

A few years ago, auto sellers and makers were worried about sales as the economy dropped but it appears that things have really turned around of late.  Since having to be bailed out, Chrysler has really come back by storm.  The Jeep remains one of the best-selling and popular vehicles not just in the US but around the world.  The rest of the fleet, from the Dodge muscle cars to the Ram trucks have been steadily rising in their markets.

“It’s truly remarkable that the auto industry is finishing off its best year ever just six years after depths of the Great Recession” says the Director of Industry Analysis at Edmunds Jessica Caldwell.

The reason for this shift in sales?  The factors are varied, such as decreasing gas prices and rising fuel-efficiency in vehicles.  Lower income customers are getting more access to loans that were previously being held back and automakers are offering more varied in their prices and vehicles.  It’s easy to find a suitable vehicle in the appropriate price range.

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